Tomioka Sword


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How is your katana made?


Component Material/Description
Blade 1060 High-carbon steel, shinogi-Zukuri shape, hand polished, sharp
Guard / Tsuba Copper
Sleeve / Saya Hardwood with Lacquer Work Finish
Handle / Tsuka Imitation Ray Skin + Hardwood
Other Kissaki Shape: chu-kissaki


Measure Value
Length with sheath 40.6 inches
Blade length 28.0 inches
Handle length 12.6 inches
Blade width 1.26 inches
Blade thickness 0.28 inches
Weight 1.4 kg


When will I receive my order?

Your order will take 1 to 3 days to process. Because our katanas are hand-forged, delivery may take 5 to 10 days.

How can I track my order?

Within 2 to 5 days of receiving the email confirming your order, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number. You can track your order here.

What shipping service do we use?

We deliver our hand-forged katanas with the shipping service provider UPS. For a fast and safe delivery. It is possible to choose another shipping service provider by contacting us in advance.

Are our katanas fully continuous?

Yes, all of our katanas are of the “full tang” type. This means that the blade runs completely through

Is it legal to own a katana?

Yes, katanas fall into category D, so it is legal to buy and own a katana at home.

Can I cancel, refund or change my order?

You can cancel or change your order as long as it hasn’t shipped yet! To find out, you can contact us here. Because your satisfaction is our priority, we offer a 30-day satisfaction or money back guarantee!

In the package you will find :

The Katana
A premium box worth $30
A wooden stand worth $15
A silk protective bag worth $10


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