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    1060 Blue Katana


    Introducing the exquisite “1060 Blue Katana,” a masterpiece that echoes the spirit of the samurai. Crafted with 1060 high carbon steel, its roasted blue blade captivates with an irresistible allure, promising unmatched durability and sharpness. This hand-forged Katana is full tang and battle-ready, weighing 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg) with an overall length of 40.3 inches (102 cm). The tsuba is made of alloy, complementing the solid wood handle wrapped in a winding rope for a secure grip. Encased in a wooden core leather saya (sheath), this sword is not just a weapon but a work of art, complete with accessories including a cotton sword bag. Whether for collection, display, or martial arts, the 1060 Blue Katana stands as a testament to craftsmanship and the warrior ethos.

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    1095 High Carbon Steel Katana


    Introducing the exquisite “1095 High Carbon Steel Katana” — a true masterpiece for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Crafted with precision, the blade is made from robust clay tempered T-10 steel featuring a mesmerizing hamon. With an overall length of 40.6 inches and a blade length of 28 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. The shinogi-zukuri blade shape ensures a sharp, hand-polished edge for superior cutting power. The tsuka is adorned with genuine Ray Skin wrapped over hard wood, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. The copper tsuba adds a touch of traditional beauty, while the hard wooden saya, finished with lacquer work, protects and complements this magnificent sword.

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    2 Tier Katana Wall Mount


    Display your cherished katanas in style with the “2 Tier Katana Wall Mount”. Crafted with elegance, this sword stand features a sleek black lacquer finish on robust wood, reflecting the venerable artistry of traditional samurai culture. Designed specifically for wall hanging, the stand holds two katanas, making it both a protective and exhibition element for your collection. Dimensions include an overall length of 12.6 inches, width of 3.3 inches, and tiered heights at 6.3, 10.6, and 13.8 inches, ensuring a prominent display. This mount provides a striking combination of aesthetic allure and practicality, transforming any room into a place of honor.

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    3 Set Samurai Swords


    Introducing the “3 Set Samurai Swords”, an extraordinary collection designed for the discerning martial artist and collector. Crafted from high manganese steel, each sword showcases a robust, roasted black blade that measures an impressive 28.3″, 20.1″, and 12.6″ respectively. The well-balanced weights of 2.9 lb, 2.2 lb, and 1.5 lb ensure precision in every swing. The handles are tightly wrapped in winding rope over hard wood for a secure grip, while the tsuba, crafted from alloy, promotes traditional aesthetics and functional safety. Each sword’s scabbard, or saya, features polished hard wood, completing the ensemble with elegance and style. Enhance your collection with these magnificent blades, encapsulating the spirit and craftsmanship of the samurai.

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    3 Tier Sword Wall Mount


    Introducing the “3 Tier Sword Wall Mount” – the perfect showcase for your prized katana collection. Skillfully crafted in wood with an elegant black lacquer finish, this minimalist yet robust stand is designed specifically for katanas, seamlessly integrating with any interior decor. It offers multiple size tiers, accommodating blades of various lengths: 6.3″, 10.6″, and 13.8″. Each tier weighs 0.88 lb, 1.32 lb, and 1.5 lb respectively, ensuring a stable and prominent display on your wall. Emphasize the beauty of your saya and the craftsmanship of your tsuba with this exquisitely designed sword wall mount.

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    Ame-no-Habakiri Sword


    Introducing the “Ame-no-Habakiri Sword”, a masterpiece designed for the discerning cosplayer and collector alike. Inspired by the pulsating aesthetics of anime, this sword boasts a breathtaking roasted red and purple blade, hand-forged from high-carbon steel, ensuring strength and durability. Its full tang construction guarantees superior balance and handling for an authentic samurai experience.

    The tsuba, crafted from a copper alloy, sits majestically at the helm, complementing the solid wood handle wrapped in a traditional rope. The blade measures an impressive 28.0 inches, housed in a sturdy wooden core leather saya. Weighing just 3.09 pounds, the Ame-no-Habakiri is both majestic and manageable.

    Embrace the spirit of the samurai with this exquisitely handcrafted katana, a perfect addition to any collection or a standout piece in any cosplay ensemble.

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    Antique Japanese Katana Sword


    Introducing the Antique Japanese Katana Sword, an embodiment of history and mastery in blade craftsmanship. Each detail speaks volumes of its heritage, crafted from high manganese steel known for its strength and enduring quality. The blade gleams with a distinctive roasted blue finish, captivating the eye and enhancing its sleek design.

    The full tang construction guarantees unmatched durability, ensuring the blade extends throughout the handle, providing balance and a solid feel. It measures an overall length of 40.3 inches, with a blade length of 28 inches and a width of 1.26 inches. Lightweight at approximately 3.09 lbs, it is designed for precision and ease of use.

    The sword’s scabbard, or saya, is crafted from solid wood with an elegant painted finish, and a handle wrapped in rope, offering both beauty and grip. The tsuba, featuring alloy silver plating, accentuates its classical allure, contrasting beautifully with the copper knife fittings. Equipped with a cotton bag, this sword combines functionality with artistic fineship, perfect for both collectors and enthusiasts.

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    Authentic Japanese Katana Blue


    Introducing the “Authentic Japanese Katana Blue”, a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship and martial heritage. Forged from T10 High Carbon Steel Clay Tempered With Hamon, this katana promises unparalleled sharpness and resilience. Its blade stretches an impressive 28.0 inches, sharpened to perfection, and encased in a striking lacquered hardwood saya that contrasts beautifully with its vivid blue hues.

    The handle is wrapped in genuine ray skin, offering a superior grip, topped with a delicately crafted copper tsuba that balances both protection and elegance. Weighing just over 3 pounds, this sword is a balanced tool for both practitioners and collectors alike. Ideal for display or use, it’s a relentless blend of history and artistry.

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    Authentic Ninjato


    Authentic Ninjato: Immerse yourself in the legacy of the samurai with the Authentic Ninjato Katana. Forged with resilient high manganese steel, this impeccable sword measures a full 41.34 inches in length and weighs a mere 3.09 pounds. Its 28-inch blade gleams with precision and artistry, supported by an exquisitely crafted tsuba adorned with lotus motifs. Encased in a traditional saya made from aged rosewood, and complemented by a copper tsuba, this katana merges historical elegance with formidable functionality. Complete with a cotton sword bag, the Authentic Ninjato is not just a weapon, but a testament to the enduring spirit of the samurai.

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    Bamboo Blade Katana


    Introducing the Bamboo Blade Katana, a striking blend of tradition and modern craftsmanship. The splendor of this weapon lies in its lightweight yet resilient bamboo blade, ideal for smooth and agile maneuvers. Elegantly decorated, the katana features a dynamic black and yellow palette that enhances its visual appeal, transforming it into a magnificent centerpiece or a stylish practice sword for martial artists.

    The sword’s overall length is 40 inches (101.6 cm) and the blade stretches to 28 inches (71.12 cm), while the weight is merely 1.32 pounds (0.6 kg). Its scabbard (saya) and handle are exquisitely crafted from solid wood, the latter wrapped tightly in rope for superior grip and comfort. Importantly, the tsuba is made from robust ferroalloy, adding an intricate touch to this elegant weapon.

    Each Bamboo Blade Katana comes with a cotton bag for preservation and safekeeping, ensuring that it remains a cherished part of your collection for years to come.

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    Bamboo Katana Knife


    Introducing the “Bamboo Katana Knife”—a masterpiece from our exclusive collection of Japanese Samurai Swords. This handcrafted wooden katana features a robust bamboo blade measuring approximately 28 inches, nestled within a solid wood scabbard. Weighing just over 1.32 pounds, this elegant weapon balances both aesthetic beauty and functional agility.

    The handle is lovingly wrapped in a durable winding rope, leading to an intricate Ferroalloy Tsuba, adding a touch of tradition and durability. The accompanying knife fittings are crafted from high-quality alloy, ensuring a premium look and feel.

    Each Bamboo Katana Knife comes with a complementary cotton sword bag, perfect for storage or gifting. Embrace the history, craftsmanship, and beauty of this unique item, bringing the spirit of the Samurai into your home or collection.

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    Bamboo Katana Sword


    Introducing the “Bamboo Katana Sword”—a testament to traditional artistry merged with functional elegance. Forged by hand, this bamboo blade exhibits a sharp edge ideal for martial arts training and decorative purposes. The sword boasts a total length of 40.3 inches with a 28-inch blade, secured by a unique tsuba of ferroalloy, enhancing both its aesthetic and battle-readiness.

    The handle and saya (scabbard) are crafted from solid wood, each detail painstakingly implemented to achieve perfection. Weighing just over 1.32 pounds, it promises maneuverability and balance. Embrace the elegance of the Bamboo Katana Sword for an unmatched blend of tradition and craftsmanship.

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    Bamboo Katana with Sheath


    Introducing the “Bamboo Katana with Sheath”: a masterful fusion of tradition and craftsmanship. Designed for the martial arts enthusiast, this katana features a blade meticulously crafted from bamboo, ensuring a blend of durability and lightness, with a total weight of just 1.32 lbs. The blade spans an impressive 28 inches, with an overall length of 40.3 inches. Encased in a beautifully painted solid wood saya, it complements the solid wood handle wrapped in a secure rope for optimal grip. The tsuba, made of Ferroalloy, adds an authentic touch to this exquisite piece. The Bamboo Katana comes complete with a cotton sword bag for preservation and ease of transport—a perfect choice for practice with elegance.

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    Bamboo Training Katana


    Introducing the “Bamboo Training Katana”, the quintessential practice sword for martial arts aficionados. Expertly crafted for Kendo and Iaido practitioners, this bamboo sword exemplifies lightweight agility and ease of handling, essential for both beginners and seasoned martial artists.

    With an overall length of 40.3 inches (102.4 cm) and weighing just 1.32 lb (0.6 kg), our katana ensures a well-balanced experience, promoting precise and fluid movements. The blade stretches 28.0 inches (71.1 cm) in length and is 1.26 inches (3.2 cm) wide, all meticulously designed from bamboo, including the handle and saya (scabbard).

    The “Bamboo Training Katana” stands out as a durable, faithful companion for daily training, ready to help sharpen your skills in the art of the sword.

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    Bamboo Training Sword


    Unveil the spirit of the samurai with the Bamboo Training Sword, a handcrafted marvel designed for both enthusiasts and collectors. Masterfully created, this sword echos the agility of a traditional katana while embodying modern craftsmanship. Boasting a blade length of 28 inches (71 cm), crafted from resilient bamboo, it ensures both durability and sharpness. The handle is a comfortable 10.2 inches (26 cm), perfect for grip and maneuverability. Further enhancing its authentic design is the tsuba, exquisitely fashioned from ferroalloy, and a beautifully contoured wooden saya that protects the blade. Weighing just 1.32 pounds (0.6 kg), it is light yet formidable. Perfect for training or display, owning this sword is a step closer to mastering the ancient warrior ways. Each Bamboo Training Sword also includes a cotton sword bag for safekeeping.

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    Battle Ready Full Tang Katana


    Experience the timeless allure of the Battle Ready Full Tang Katana. Masterfully crafted using T10 steel clay tempered with Hamon, this 40.9-inch sword promises unmatched durability and performance. The blade itself extends a graceful 28.0 inches, honed to perfection, ideal for both martial arts enthusiasts and collectors.

    The copper tsuba adds a touch of classic elegance, while the robust hardwood saya, adorned with a lacquer finish and a koiguchi of real horn, protects the blade with sophistication. This katana is not just a tool but a work of art, echoing the spirit of the samurai with every detail. Ready to wield or display, it’s an emblem of prowess and craftsmanship.